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Temperature outside = temperature inside

Which is all well and good, so long as temperature outside > 10 degrees. After that, it becomes something of a trial. There’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning and looking blearily at the jeans that you have to put on, knowing that they’re going to be cold and stiff and cause untold misery to your lower limbs. Even simple things become quite a nuisance when sub-zero temperatures invade. Must get heating fixed, if it’s going to be the worst winter since 1963.

I need a holiday. I really do. Enough messing around with Java night and day, thinking and working and damn nearly dreaming about it all the time. Two assignments to go, but thankfully they look fairly straightforward. Hooray for Christmas, I say. Feeling a little stretched here.

I find that I’m also slipping up a little on responsibilities; forgetting things that I mean and say that I will do. Pick it up, my lad, pick it up.

On the plus side, my room gleams like a toothpaste ad, and mice have been driven away by this ultrasonic miracle – not before they managed to chew a hole in my one good winter jacket, though. Sigh. Patchable, I suppose, but not satisfactory.

Ho hum. Mundane rules. Look elsewhere for thrills and spillls.

So we go straight from sunshine to…

frost. Yep. Crisp grass underfoot, crunching under my bicycle wheels, whiteness spreading outside my window like gossamer.

Ver’ pretty. All white and shiny in the morning sunshine. Of course, it all became wet as soon as the sun rose a bit higher, but a most satisfying thing to look out onto when you are snuggled in bed. Not quite as satisfactory, of course, when the moment comes where you have to throw back the covers and actaully get out. And if the heating in your room has failed, and you have to put on freezing cold jeans, it becomes positively ugly.

But for now, I’m liking it. I know I will curse the frost and snow in February, and long for sunshine and warmth; now, freezing ears and running noses are still exciting, exhilarating.

Mmm, warm sun, warm grass, Terry Pratchett

Lying in the sunshine on a big grassy hill reading The Fifth Elephant is pretty damn close to my idea of heaven. That is all.

But combine that with a lovely cheese sandwich and a bottle of Innocent, and I just go over the moon. I’m astonished the weather is still like this in November, but hey, I’m not complaining…

I can’t imagine anything more frustrating than this

The sky is clear and blue, the sun is shining, the leaves are on fire with the last of the autumn colours – and my camera battery is dead. I spent nearly half an hour pacing the grove, framing and discarding shots, and when I finally found the perfect one I pressed the shutter, and nothing. Such a nuisance.

Also a slight greviance: I know I might be a bit opinionated, but jeez, at least I listen. Or I hope I do. I get extremely irritated when people refuse to open their eyes and at least examine their assumptions. And when it happens during the dialogue – well, why bother to come at all? One more on my list of Reasons Not To Stay at Brockwood. There’s just nothing you can do with people who state their case and then sit back with folded arms, convinced that they are right. Reminds me of the grumpy old men in the front row at public talks at the old IIWC, who will get up after the speaker is done, fix him with a penetrating stare, and ask the most ridiculous questions. And then argue with the speaker, and refuse to listen, and restate their questions, and not realise that it’s been answered, or is a meaningless question… bah.

Honestly, I wanted to get up and grab Sriram by the scruff of his neck and shake some sense into him – but wisely, I refrained. There’s a level of idiocy that I refuse to try to change, and I think this is on the far side of that. I beg forgiveness for being an arrogant SOB, but in this case, I’ve already had just about enough.

Of black fingernails and fake teeth

I’m not quite sure I’m in total accord on the number and intensity of the parties that BP holds, but there’s no denying that once in a while, it’s fun. I went dressed as Vlad Dracula, partly reformed vampire, black nails, black eye shadow, fake teeth, long flowing cape, blond wig and all. Rather an interesting evening. It’s always intriguing to sit and peoplewatch in situations like this, and I spent more time doing that than anything else. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get hold of some acetone before I become a permagoth.


Stuart Anderson speaks:

Fedback for the question:
Exercise 1

Your mark is:

Well done Anuruddha, an excellent answer.

Your work was excellent throughout and the only thing I comment on is to just give you a coding tip.

You can write the following more concisely:
fuel = fuel + amount;
…can also be written as:
fuel += amount;

…and fuel = fuel – amount; …as… fuel -= amount;
Both ways are equally valid, but the second version means less typing!!

Keep up the good work.

Marks awarded: 10/10

Ahem. I’m sorry for gloating, and I know it’s not really complicated Java – but I worked damned hard for this. This is what happens with all the Ferraris and Volvos…. I get a perfect score.