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Indian politics; it makes me laugh, and weep

Half the JD(S) – whichever splinter faction that is, there are far too many to count – withdraws support from the Dharam Singh goverment in Karnataka. Great. Just as it seemed that DS was getting his act together and perhaps addressing some infrastructure issues, he has the carpet pulled out from under his feet because some pipsqueak son of Deve Gowda decides that the time has come to “teach the Congress a lesson.”

Now DS has to prove his majority on the floor in a week’s time; and frankly, I think the man has no chance. There is no place in Indian politics for someone who honestly, sincerely wants to make a difference – too many idiots, blowhards and general busybodies clogging the Vidhan Soudha – and the Lok Sabha, come to think of it.

Sigh. Makes me want to rip out my hair in frustration; what makes all politicians lose whatever brain cells they had just after getting to a semi-important post?

I fel the same way after SM Krishna was unceremoniously bundled out of office. A decent man, an able administrator; thwarted by the idiocy of his colleagues and the voters. Now his colleagues probably can’t help being stupid, but the voters? They really should know better.

Now I know what Arthur Dent felt like

Dream.. BANG BANG BANG… haziness… BANG.. drifting on the mists of eternal slumber… THUMP BANG SLAM… being dragged from the rosy land of peace and serenity… THUMP BANG BANG BANG… yanked untimely from the womb of all-encompassing sleep into this brutal world of noise and pain.. WHO THE HELL IS THAT??

I go out, and Steve (for reasons best known to himself) is perched on my roof, busily demolishing my chimney with a hammer and looking very satisfied with himself. The same man who has (for reasons best known to himself) deprived us of the use of a washing machine and dryer for nearly two weeks and the man who (for reasons best known to himself) keeps kestrels in tiny cages with one perch is energetically engaged in causing the collapse of my roof. Fun, fun. Now Steve and I have already had a few run-ins, so I stumble out blearily into the grey light of dawn and just look at him. He looks back at me blankly, and continues demolition.

Bereft of anything else to do, I come back indoors and moan to the world via my journal. Interesting, definitely.

In other news, might concievably be of interest to some.

Ah, let chaos reign

Back to school, what a fool, so un-hip, so uncool.
Chaos reigns, fried are brains, work ingrains, ketchup stains.

Oh, and also the new lens arrived yesterday: whoohoo! Sigma 70-300 APO macro. And the macro is pretty damn good, too. Of course, in accordance with Murphy’s Law of New Lenses, the weather was cloudy and overcast, and I couldn’t really take much; had to content myself with a few macros and a few of my crows (har har de har).

And now, of course, it’s back to the usual swing of things. Classes running amok, work to be done on the RLJ, need to finish the damn OCR work. Ho hum for a quiet holiday.

Oh, and I managed to drop a cup of quite severely hot peppermint tea into my lap over lunch, leaving me with a somewhat severe burn on my left leg, but otherwise unimpaired… er.. faculties. How do you explain to a bunch of teenage girls that the joke you’re sniggering at to yourself involves hairy balls, and can’t possibly be explained? You don’t, I suppose. But they’re damn persistent, sheesh.