Monthly Archives: November 2006

An open letter to my flatmates

Dear Flatmates,

If the lot of you don’t stop collectively chain-smoking in the kitchen and bathroom (yes, you, chain-smoking Chinese guy), banging doors late at night (the lot of you), having loud parties in your room at 3am (yes, you, other Chinese guy) and laughing like a donkey with severe bronchitis at 2am, I will be forced to take Steps.

Adeola, you can assist, and then the fridge will be large enough, with only two of us in the flat.

Sincerely, Anu

Things I am obsessed with of late

I seem to move from one obsession to another, particularly when it comes to music. Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Hevia. Now there’s a man who can make the bagpipes sing, a man who gets my feet moving of their own accord.

I think Mr. Narayana Murty has an excellent point.. An incredible amount of time and money is given to trivial political bickering and ridiculously overhyped, pompous ceremonies. If half that attention was paid to real issues like infrastructure and what people really need, I’d be out there voting for that party like a shot – assuming, of course, that my name appears on the electoral roll. I’m not holding my breath.

I’ve also been reading a lot of User Friendly of late. I love the zany tech humour, the utterly juvenile characters, and Dust Puppy makes me go “awwww” every single time. I’ve also just realised how appropriate AJ’s name is. Call it midnight inspiration.

It’s also funny (as in curious, not haha) how all my coursework is due in a huge heap big pile over two weeks in the middle of term. You’d think the profs planned it like this, to put us under pressure. It’s also highly suspicious that we’re the only department at QM that doesn’t have a reading week. Most suspicious, I say.

Let’s just say Richard inspired me

When you get an email that says “your blog keeps its mouth shut” you realise that people do actually read this – and yes, Richard, you will get a reply. Possibly even this year.

Moving to London has been an interesting experience. It has been fraught with occassional difficulty, but overall, I’m actually really, really enjoying myself. I’m moving in a sort of high of learning things, of filling in blanks and having the theory behind things explained. I dropped two relatively easy courses which I’d already done before, and took two other more challenging ones – and I’ve only once regretted that decision, when I had to submit three pieces of coursework in a week.

Generally, though, things are going swimmingly. I realise that I can’t catch up on two months’ worth of events in one post (even if I wanted to), so I will just leave you with a photograph of a runner that I took in Hyde Park last month.

Runner, Hyde Park, London