Monthly Archives: May 2007

Literature review. That’s what it’s all about!

That and sheer panic. 2 hours into my project work, and I’m already feeling entirely overwhelmed. It’s all very well to be told airily to go off and make a PSO-based optimiser for the Travelling Salesman Problem, but where the hell do I start? What parameters do I use? How large should the search space be? How many dimensions? How does that relate to the physical space I’m exploring? Do you have a wig I can borrow after I rip all my hair out?

The fact that it’s already been done by Wang, Huang, Zhang and Pang (Ok, actaully Zhou, but wasn’t it funnier this way?) at Jilin University in China doesn’t help much either, because apparently they wrote their paper using depleted uranium. Dense doesn’t begin to describe it, or the way I feel. Underwater and overwhelmed.