Monthly Archives: March 2008

Mr. Bhogle, it’s not “deja view”

I’m listening to cricket commentary streaming over the internet (India vs Australia, Brisbane), and in three minutes Harsha Bhogle has used the phrase “deja view” four times. Newsflash, Mr. B – it’s “deja vu”. No viewing of anything. At all.

Mind you, he’s nowhere near as annoying as Navjyot Singh Sidhu, what with his “If my aunty had been a man she would have been my uncle” and suchlike gems, but sometimes Harsha does get a little bit on my nerves. Just a teensy bit, for a moment, but then I forgive him.

I still remember with great fondness listening to radio commentary of a match while going home on a bus from Wynad to Bangalore, during which the commentator came up with this truly memorable phrase: “Tendulkar’s knock was thunderful and wonderful but not blunderful.” The fact that I can remember it after about 8 years is testimony to its unique, ineffable beauty.