Today we start an experiment

I have done the unthinkable. I got myself a Facebook account. I hear the howls of protest and horror going up from all sides – are you entirely violating your principles? Are you truly abdicating from the moral high ground that once you effortlessly commanded? Is all known natural law to cease, to be replaced by anarchy? Rest assured I am not. I’m just interesting in conducting a sociological experiment. I am going to do nothing with this account except let it exist, under my real name. No photographs (except for the profile), no messages, no pokes or updates. I’m just intrigued to find out how long it will take for people to find me, and who would be interested in doing this.

I realise I might have made a mistake by already allowing Kaveri to auto-friend me, but I’ve since demoted her to not-friend, and that makes me currently friendless. This is an excellent place to start; a clean slate.

I am intrigued, and this also gives me a good reason to update this sadly dead blog.

In other news:
Robes and hat, as per regulations

One thought on “Today we start an experiment

  1. not Required

    Hmm, it seems the occasional bout of insomnia causes strange actions online. I am reading your blog!.. I really like this picture and.. sort of feel upset i couldnt have graduated then. It seems that only 3 marks is stopping me from doing the summer project again.. well, no regrets huh

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